Fluidization lab

The tour to the Fluidization Lab will show the different units and measurement techniques currently used to study the fluid-dynamics and mass transfer in fluidized beds.

The measurement techniques include, among others:

  • GHz-radar – measuring the concentration and velocity of the bed solids resolved along a line
  • Magnetic Particle Tracking (MPT) – measuring the trajectory of a single particle solid tracer
  • Magnetic Solids Tracking (MST) – measuring the residence time distributions of tracer solids
  • Thermographic tracking – measuring the 2-dimensional temperature field of the solids phase (used for studying the mixing and circulation of bulk solids in BFBs)
  • Gas tracking – measuring the concentration of a tracer gas

The units to be shown are:

  • Fluid-dynamically down-scaled models of
    • an existing ~200 MW CFB boiler
    • a BFB with forced solids lateral circulation
    • the Chalmers indirect BFB gasifier
  • A packed-fluidized bed
  • A pseudo-2-dimensional CFB (8.5 m-tall)