Universeum is the national science centre of Sweden and a powerful arena for education and popular education in science, technology and sustainable development. Our large house in the middle of Gothenburg houses science and experiences about the whole world – from large world oceans and the Amazon rainforest to a chemistry lab, technology lab and space. We give children and adults the knowledge and power to make the earth a better and more sustainable place to live.

Reception at Gothenburg´s Exchange Börsen

On Monday evening of May 9th, the City of Gothenburg would like to welcome you all. The welcoming ceremony will be held at Börsen (the Bourse) – City of Gothenburg’s official building for welcoming visits. Börsen is located in the heart of Gothenburg. It has served as a conference hall for the municipal council but also a place for ceremonious conventions since December 1849. Since then, the building has been renovated but both the exterior and interior look largely the same with its 19th-century architectural style as designed by architect Pehr Johan Ekman. At the top of the building, there are six 1.8 m tall sculptures. Each character alludes to different aspects of the role of the building. Left to right they are Idogheten (Laboriousness), Lyckan (Happiness) or sometimes Freden (Peace), Handeln (Trading), Sjöfarten (Shipping), Rikedomen (Wealth) and Industrin (Industry). They were modelled by Prof. Carl Gustaf Qvarnström, who has also been responsible for the ornament of the Palace in Stockholm. The inside of the building is just as impressive and beautifully decorated. When entering Börsen you will find yourself in the main hall, Börshall. Today this hall is used as a foyer for festivities. On the second floor is the large Börshall. This room spans across the whole building with a view over Gustaf Adolf square, the canal and Östra hamngatan. A welcome speech will be given by Lord Mayor of Gothenburg Anneli Rhedin. During the ceremony, a drink and a snack will be served. Therefore, we encourage the participants to explore restaurants around Gothenburg after the ceremony.

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